A spacious room appearance starts from the bottom up – with the HARO ‘Gran Via’ Laminate Floor. Its large-size plank design with bevelled edge on four sides comes in a new, impressive width of 243 mm and a length of 2200 mm! It definitely has to be a wood style? You’ve come to the right place! The “Laminate Floors from the Parquet Specialist” offer you a choice of wood styles that are as authentic as it gets.

Alpine Oak nature

Bavarian Beech

Oak Antic Grey

Oak Artico Cognac

Oak Elegance

Oak Light Grey

Pine Asturia

Smoked Oak Agate


Alpine Oak White

Oak Vintage

Oak Vienna Light

Oak Contura Black

Italica Smoked

Oak Portland Nature

Oak Duna Limewashed

Italica Creme